Thursday, May 31, 2007

DragonBall Z The Movies

DragonBall Z The Movies

Dragon Ball Z TV Special 1 - Bardock, The Father of Goku
Dragon Ball Z TV Special 2 - The History of Trunks
Dragon Ball Z Movie 4 - Lord Slug
Dragon Ball Z Movie 5 - Cooler's Revenge
Dragon Ball Z Movie 6 - The Return of Cooler
Dragon Ball Z Movie 7 - Super Android 13
Dragon Ball Z Movie 8 - Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan
Dragon Ball Z Movie 9 - Bojack Unbound
Dragon Ball Z Movie 11 - Bio Broly
Dragon Ball Z Movie 12 - Fusion Reborn

Pass For All: ArnouD


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Invinoveritas said...

An Open Letter to the Movie Industry:

It is too bad you movie moguls lose money every time someone illegally downloads a movie. Wow. I realize that it costs you a freakin' fortune, especially considering that millions and millions and MILLIONS of movies are illegaly downloaded every year, and that you are NEVER PAID for these losses. It is also a shame that Tom Cruise will make only $362 million this year instead of $425 million, all because of illegal downloading. (Who will cry for the Scientologists?) Once in awhile when I see one of your commercials, I actually feel bad about it.

Then I think about that incompetent design engineer you hired to design the cases for your DVD movies. This guy wasn't smart enough to devise a way for consumers to slide their fingers under the DVD and pluck it easily from the case (although my seven year old grandaughter could have designed it).

No, we must first get the wrapping off (30 minutes with a sharp instrument). Then we must remove the sealing tape from around three edges of the DVD case. Not one, not two, count 'em --THREE edges! What's the matter, afraid someone's going to steal the Goddamned thing?

Finally, we have to try to pry the disk out of the ridiculous case, bending the entire assembly into shapes for which it was never designed. ("Designed?" Sorry, poor choice of word.) Still, it is almost impossible to get our fingers under the disk to remove it. Great work, lads. (That was sarcasm. You've probably run across it in some old movies.)

Here's a suggestion:

Shouldn't you hide something with razor sharp edges under the DVD to slice up our fingertips as we try to remove the desk from the case? That would be consistent with your design theories, plus it would further punish the people who buy your movies, since you cannot punish the people who steal them.

Once we finally have the thing out of the package and in our players, we are forced to watch many, many minutes of your whining about people taking food off your tables (and Bentleys out of your garages) by illegally downloading movies.

You know, I think about you movie moguls a lot. I think about how many people are ripping you off. Wow. Night and day. Day and night. All day long. Every day of the year. Those losses must REALLY ADD UP!

It's like a horrible vision of some huge money pump relentlessly flushing YOUR dollars (millions and millions of them!) right into the sewer. Like a nightmare, really. So MUCH money! Awww, man!

During these times, I also think about your DVD packaging, and you know what? Fuck off.


Ted A. Thompson

Shumaya Shabrin said...


Shumaya Shabrin said...